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WorldView Cross Border Commerce Platform GA Release

The Global Data Consortium has released its WorldView product. This best of breed data services platform offers e-commerce users the ability to enhance their cross border commerce capabilities by helping to Identify its Customers (passport check, tax id check, and date of birth check); Ensure Deliverability and enhance efficiency of Payment Collections. All of this in one user friendly web services platform.

How does GDC provide the world in a single web interface? We have partnered with

companies around the globe to integrate their best of breed offerings within a unified interface. Our partners are companies with deep in country experience as well as long standing businesses. Companies such as Human Inference ( and Deyde Calidas ( provide solid experience, resources and skills for the enablement of cross border e-commerce in their respective home countries.

How do you know if you are a prospective customer for WorldView? Ask yourself the following:

Does fraud impact the growth of your international business?

Does your business incur costs associated with undelivered as addressed international orders?

Does the cost of global payment management significantly impact your growth margins on international transactions?

If you answer yes or maybe to any of the above then give us a 30 minute conversation to see if we can help you find the right fit for your needs. If not here at GDC we can help you with our knowledge and access to the global technology solutions market.