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A common theme in today’s global data verification market is “Data As A Service.” This term is meant to encompass the validation and verification of data elements such as address, phone and email. In today’s cloud services environment, this term is already outdated. Intelligence As A Service is a far smarter and more robust customer offering for address validation and identity verification.

With the advancement of robust cloud infrastructures, there is no longer a dependence on the antiquated models of importing raw data from varied sources, hosting it on local servers and building rules engines on top of the data based on general knowledge and limited global experience.

  • Did you know that in many countries the best data can only be accessed via online query?
  • Did you know that is some countries only local vendors are allowed to build services to query data?
  • Did you know that refresh cycles vary widely for the raw data vendors serve to users?

Now a customer can query the best data and have it corrected and verified by experts on a market by market basis. Further customers can also benefit from local users usage of local solutions which creates a much higher degree of confidence in results and corrections for local data. Local Market Intelligence is ALWAYS BETTER and it is now available in real time for users regardless of where one is on the globe.