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Welcome to our newest blog feature, What We’re Reading. Each week we read countless articles across the web and in print. Our goal, to stay ahead of the curve and more importantly understand the trends impacting today’s business. Whether its new techniques to prevent fraud, improve deliveries or augment marketing we want to know the latest trends.


Telecom-based Authentication & Security: Interview with Pat Carroll-Money 2020

Following a panel on “Infrastructure Innovations in Fraud and Security,” Pat Carrol, CEO of Validsoft, sat down to explain the complexities of telecom based identity verification, the future of EMV and security. Read the full story >>


Balancing Innovation and Execution in Holiday Retail-Multichannel Merchant

The 2013 Holiday shopping season is a crucial time for omnichannel retailers. Best of breed retailers have been implementing and improving online-offline initiatives such as in-store pickup, mobile apps and kiosks. Done right, these efforts promised increased sales and satisfied customers throughout the season. But done wrong, these programs can alienate shoppers and damage your brand. Read the full story >>


Amazon’s ‘Login and Pay with Amazon’ Service Challenges PayPal For The Web’s Payment Business-Tech Crunch

Amazon is launching its own payments service for partner sites called Pay with Amazon. Augmenting the Login with Amazon button released earlier this year, Pay with Amazon is being pitched by company officials as a tool for sites across the web to reach 215 million active Amazon customers. Read the full story >>