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This week we are reading about the ways big data is revolutionizing fraud prevention, commentary on missed delivery dates and looking at who is behind the latest micropayment fraud scheme.


Big Data Summit 2014: Big data ‘has revolutionised fraud prevention’-Computing

Fraud prevention is evolving from reactive model, to a proactive one. Big data is allowing companies to spot unusual behavior, analyze customer information and ultimately prevent fraud.  Read the full story >>


Retailers Still Fall Short of Online Shipping Promises-Business Week

Retailers and their shipping carriers are facing the challenges of ever increasing promises to their customers. Do last minute promises mean last minute mistakes? Read the full story >>


Who’s Behind the ‘BLS Weblearn’ Credit Card Scam?-Krebs On Security

A new wave of credit and debit card scams is leveraging small dollar transactions to pilfer small dollars from consumers. Similar to the $9.84 scheme in the wake of the Target breach, Krebs analyzes who is behind the scam. Read the full story >>