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This week we are reading about changes to identity verification in Australia, the impact of Amazon’s same-day shipping and seeing the face behind Bitcoin.


Australian Govt shifts ID verification system to

The Australian Attorney-General’s department has awarded contracts for the redevelopment of a national document verification platform. The online service allows government agencies to verify identity documents including passports, visas, drivers licenses and birth certificates in real-time Read the full story >>


Same-Day Delivery: The Antidote to Amazon-Multichannel Merchant

Amazon has fundamentally changed the way we shop and same-day delivery is changing consumers expectations again. For businesses able to keep pace, same-day delivery could be the antidote to Amazon. Read the full story >>


The Face Behind Bitcoin-Newsweek

The name Satoshi Nakamoto has been tied to Bitcoin since the paper first describing it. Numerous attempts to find the real Satoshi have ended at dead ends. Is the face behind Bitcoin really a 64 year old, Japanese-American, living in California? Read the full story >>