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This week we are reading about Germany’s push for privacy to be included in economic talks, Amazon’s mini-fulfillment centers in their suppliers distribution centers and the tremendous growth of the Zaad mobile wallet in Somaliland.


Berlin seeks privacy rules in EU-US trade pact-Financial Times

Leaders in Germany are pushing for stronger data privacy restrictions to be included in negotiations of the planned Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership set to be established this year. The surprising move could mean intense debate is on the horizon. Read the full story >>

DELIVERY Co-Locating Mini-Fulfillment Centers Inside Key Customer DCs-Supply Chain Digest

A partnership between Amazon and Procter and Gamble has brought mini-fulfillment centers into P&G distribution centers. The online retail giant is in the process of establishing these mini fulfillment centers at a variety of consumer goods partners.  Read the full story >>


Bringing financial inclusion to the Horn of Africa-Fortune

The Zaad Mobile Wallet is bringing technology more advanced than anything currently available in North America or Europe to the informal banking sector in Somaliland. In a place where nearly 70% of people don’t have an ATM card and nearly 100% are illiterate, the Zaad Mobile wallet has achieved over 280,000 subscribers and project over 400,000 in 2014. Read the full story >>