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This week we are reading about the Federal Healthcare website, what USPS’s planned rate increases will mean for commercial shippers and how mobile phones are making solar power possible in Africa.


ID Verification Lagging on Health Care Website-New York Times

Days before the Obama Administration’s self-imposed deadline to fix the Federal Health Insurance website, problems with identity verification procedures have led to concerns. Officials maintain that the website will be working smoothly for the majority of users by this weekend. Read the full story >>


What USPS’s Rate Increase Means to Commercial Shippers-Multichannel Merchant

The USPS has submitted rate increases for commercial shippers to become effective early next year. Flat rate pricing is set to increase significantly. Parcel select services used by many third party providers, including Fedex SmartPost and UPS SurePost will also see pricing rise. With customers increasingly looking for free or discounted shipping, managing increasing in shipping rates will be crucial in 2014.  Read the full story >>


Pay-as-You-Go Solar Energy Finds Success in Africa-Scientific American

Pay-as-you-go Solar Energy is a new, affordable alternative for many in Sub-Saharan Africa. Start-ups are using mobile payments and SMS messages to sell blocks of power to their customers.  Read the full story >>