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This week we are reading about the impact of errors in address data on a Canadian healthcare firm, following predictions for same-day shipping this holiday season and watching lawmakers as they explore the question of virtual currencies.


Address management mishap affects health patients in Canada-Experian QAS

Errors in address data, a incorrect phone number, led a Canadian based health care firm to mail the diagnostic results of patients to the wrong addresses. Read the full story >>


Will same-day delivery shake up the holiday shopping season?-Washington Post

With same day delivery taking off at major retailers from Ebay to Wal-Mart, online shoppers are edging closer to achieving a brick and mortar experience. What impact will this have on holiday shoppers? Read the full story >>


Bitcoin: What is it? What should government do?-USA Today

Lawmakers are considering Bitcoin this week. The Justice and Treasury departments have deemed Bitcoin and other virtual currencies as legitimate. However the virtual currency has been dogged by its connection to Silk Road, a website shut down by Federal authorities due to illegal activity. The government must choose how to weigh the innovation of virtual currency with the obligations these currencies will carry.  Read the full story >>