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This week we are reading about a number of developments in the identity, delivery and payments space. Fraudsters are using account takeovers to beat unsuspecting manual review teams, Amazon announced a partnership with USPS to begin Sunday delivery in select markets in 2014 and we’re following the new announced PCI DSS 3.0 standards.


Changes to shipping addresses can indicate fraud-Internet Retailer

Account takeover is an increasing threat for e-commerce sites. Late changes to shipping addresses may signal fraud. Cyber criminals have also begun changing billing addresses withing individual accounts to avoid detection by manual review teams, increasing the need for merchants to have transaction scoring as part of their overall fraud prevention program. Read the full story >>


Amazon’s Sunday Delivery Scheme And The Attempt To Forever Paint Friday Black-Forbes

Amazon’s announcement that it will begin offering Sunday delivery through a partnership with the USPS is a shot accross the bow of brick and mortar retailers. Read the full story >>


INTERVIEW Why this week’s PCI DSS update matters, even to retailers who outsource payment processing-Internet Retailing

New payment standards were released lack week. PCI DSS 3.0, is all about security and puts renewed responsibility on retailers to protect their payment systems and customer data.  Read the full story >>

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