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This week we are reading about EU privacy legislation, shipping forecasts for Cyber Monday and the launch of the first Bitcoin ATM.


Sorry, lobbyists! Europe’s post-Snowden privacy reform gets a major boost-GigaOM

Tougher privacy restrictions have been under consideration for some time in the European Union. As the post-Snowden fallout continues to reverberate, much of the lobbying work done by American technology firms and the U.S. government is being erased as European leaders move towards greater privacy measures, notably restricting the transfer of data to third party (e.g U.S.) authorities. Read the full story >>


FedEx Sees Shipment Peak on Cyber Monday as E-Commerce Grows-Business Week

On Cyber Monday last year, consumers spent $1.46B on online shopping. FedEx anticipates Cyber Monday will be their busiest shipping day of the year–driven by eCommerce sales. Previously its busiest day fell later in December, since consumers only used online shopping for last-minute gifts; as it becomes more of a standard part of the regular shopping experience, they’re seeing volumes and sales shift online earlier in the month. Read the full story >>


First Bitcoin ATM goes live next week: But does it have a purpose?-GigaOM

The first Bitcoin ATM has been installed in Vancouver, allowing users to walk up and deposit $3000C and receive Bitcoin in return or withdraw Bitcoins into physical currency. If successful, the proliferation of Bitcoin ATMs could be the key in making Bitcoin a mainstream currency alternative. Read the full story >>