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This week we are reading a great overview of India’s national id program, looking at free shipping and following the recently launched Square Cash alternative payment service.


India’s ID Program: An Aadhaar Explainer-Wall Street Journal

India’s Aadhaar ID program will be the largest program of its kind once complete. Aimed at giving official documentation to an esitmated 300 million Indian’s with no formal identification documents, the program has attracted praise and criticism. Read the full story >>


Free Shipping: An Ecommerce Headache or Opportunity?-Multichannel Merchant

Three out of four shoppers will add items to their cart to qualify for free shipping offers. Using upselling to offset free shipping seems like an easy incremental play for retailers, but what is holding them back?  Read the full story >>


Square Cash Goes Head To Head With Venmo And Google Wallet To Allow Anyone To Send Money Via Email-Tech Crunch

Square has now formally launched Square Cash, a payment product allowing users to send money to any one with an email address and debit card. Will Square’s bet on P2P payments pay off? Read the full story >>