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What is Transliteration?

Transliteration is the process of converting a text letter-by-letter or letter-by-letter group from one writing system into another without changing the meaning, though the pronunciation may change some.

One example of transliteration is the conversion of the Greek alphabet into the Roman alphabet.  Transliteration is also used in computer programming when converting binary code patterns that are assigned to letters of one alphabet into the code pattern of another alphabet.  In this sense, transliteration plays a major role in the global economy by allowing computers to handle international data in multiple languages.  Transliteration should not be confused with translation.  Transliteration is the conversion of alphabets, where as translation is the conversion of a word in one language to a word with the same meaning in another.  For example, take the Greek word baptizo. The transliterated word for English is baptize and the translated word in English is immerse.