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GDC’s Worldview platform provides electronic Identity Verification, Enrichment, Data Quality, Watchlist, and 2+2 AML checks.


Deeper Coverage

Through our Consortium Partners, we provide access to more data source types and input elements. This combination of input and sources allows us to provide better match rates.


Hand Selected Partners

We travel the world to find local partners who speak the language, understand the regulatory environment, and cater to local customers in order to provide the most reliable and up-to-date results.


Real-Time Data

We are not aggregators of personal ID information. The data we provide lives on our partners’ servers, allowing us to give our customers access to identity data that gets refreshed more frequently.


If your data doesn’t verify for your initial request, Worldview uses a “waterfall” approach to route the call through additional Consortium sources. Automating this process through one single platform gives you instant access to additional data sources immediately with 1 single API request.

Start verifying your customers globally, with Global Data Consortium.

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