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By harnessing the power of in-country, authoritative data sources, GDC can return the highest match rates possible.

On top of the matching lift, GDC provides our system’s superior uptime, easy API integration, and the flexibility to scale quickly to additional markets without further technical work, making us a great partner for business in any industry. Our process is simple, secure, and fast. The GDC team will work with you to create custom match rules across countries and/or products to help you obtain better match rates in multiple countries, quickly.

Start a Proof of Concept today and see how our match rates can help you onboard and verify more customers.

Better Match Rates with One API

Worldview, Global Data Consortium’s electronic identity verification platform, is a single access point to 70+ data partners and 300+ data sources around the world. We can increase your match rates and help you verify potential and existing customers through one robust API.

The GDC Proof of Concept Process is simple.

  1. We meet with you to understand your specific onboarding and compliance needs.
  2. You upload your test file via a secure, enterprise-grade file transfer service.
  3. We return your match results in 2 weeks.

It is that easy. No need for developers. No long, complicated process.

Adding GDC’s identity data from multiple countries through a single API to your current onboarding waterfall can help onboard more customers. We typically provide a 5 to 25% lift on top of current match rates.

Beyond Match Rates

We don’t just provide you with increased match rates. Access to our solution architects allows your business to leverage their expertise and knowledge gained from working with many of the world’s largest companies across multiple verticals. They’ll examine your entire identity verification process and provide suggestions to increase conversions beyond matches. 

Our solution architects can help you optimise that information to streamline your onboarding funnel by providing input suggestions, data quality feedback, and help with regional nuances which may be impacting your match rates. 

We’ll also provide insight into industry trends, changing regulatory environments, and give you access to our Compliance Advisory Board.

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