The GDC Advantage is carefully vetted local data sources through one API.

Identity empowers individuals to exist in the eyes of key institutions, to open bank accounts, to build credit, to establish trustworthiness. It allows them to buy health insurance and medicine, to drive a car, to own a home.  

But those without digital ID – a verifiable digital identity – don’t have these luxuries. They can’t participate in the life that many of us take for granted.  

At Global Data Consortium, our mission is to harness the power of electronic identity verification for people without electronic IDs. We believe it is their right to enjoy the same privileges as everyone else. Here’s how we do it.    



Global Data Consortium’s network sources high quality, real-time data from closely vetted, in-country data partners. This includes people who lack a digital identity have a government-issued ID; GDC can use government data to get them online. 

But we also look at alternative forms of identification for those that lack ID, like consumer, telephone, postal, credit, and commercial data. Once found, that data is housed locally on foreign partners’ servers to provide real-time, high quality information. Local data prevents fraud and protects customers, while keeping your compliance team happy. 



This data is accessible on GDC’s Worldview platform, our one-stop identity verification tool. We use a “waterfall” approach to automatically route your data through each Consortium partner until an identity match is found. 

Worldview can customize data sources based on your needs as a company or to meet legal obligations. Our service was specifically built to help companies across many different industries comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) rules. 

We also offer our Intelligent Name Translation Engine, which translates names in other alphabets – like Chinese, Japanese, or Korean names, all written in non-Latin letters – into English. INTE complies a list of probable names, then sends that list back to GDC, where it is verified against other data. This gives our end user the best possible match. 



Creating digital identities for the billions is our goal. Global Data Consortium has the tools, the experience and the access to local expertise to get it done. It’s an ambitious undertaking, but an imperative one. 

A digital ID can help lift people out of poverty, give them access to financial resources they may lack, and allow them greater participation in modern digital life. In our final installment of the Power of Identity series, we’ll explore some real-life examples of what GDC can do to empower all.