The GDC Blog

Global Data Consortium (GDC) is proud to release its first product offering. We named it World View as we were walking to lunch one day and discussing philosophies and how we saw the market need for a solution to help with Identity, Delivery and Payment.

One of our key points of differentiation in the market will be in giving each customer prospect an unparalleled level of service. It is very much a part of our corporate DNA that helping people solve their particular problem in the global cross border commerce market creates a virtuous business cycle. If we don’t offer what you are looking for, we will try to find it, even if this means selling you a competitor’s solution. If it doesn’t work then we will fix it. If we can’t fix it we will refund your money. We have shared this view and belief with our data suppliers as well. As a result they have agreed to provide the best level of quality and coverage possible along with the best value pricing in the market.

Having worked for a number of companies both large and small we at GDC feel that good customer service is something of a lost art in the enterprise technology space. Vendors are focused on quick sales and selling products that may not be best fit for customer prospects. Now that we are “on our own” in the market we can take a different path and service is a guiding principle of that effort.

Give us a try and don’t hesitate to share your experiences both good and bad. We hope to not let you down.