Provide Better Verification Results For Your Business

Allow us to appropriately align expectations with our Proof of Concept Process.

Our POC Process

An important step prior to implementing GDC’s data-as-a-service platform is conducting what we call a Proof of Concept. By getting our data team directly involved with our partners from the beginning, we provide better results more efficiently.

Send Your Records

Send our team a batch file of records containing live data from actual customers.

Receive Recommended Data Hygiene Measures

Our team will review your data, manually process the records, and return the subsequent match results to you.This manual review process allows us to build a set of data hygiene measures unique to your business rules.

Ensure the Best Results

After a manual review, we’ll process the data through our tech stack. When delivering and reviewing results, our team will work with you to make sure everyone is on the same page when determining when a record is deemed a “match” or a “not match.”

Establish Partnership

Our Proof of Concept tests reduces the chances that you’ll have additional expenses due to unnecessary testing in the future. This process gives our team a deeper understanding or your needs and expectations. We value our business relationships and by. Getting to know our partners and their verification needs, we are able to ensure better outcomes.

Benefits of our POC Process

Receive recommended data measures.

Access an extensive ‘mix and match’ data testing.

Fine tune data custom to your business rules.

Developed partnership from the beginning.

Reduced chance of ongoing testing costs.

Testing completed prior to launch.

Ready to get started with a Proof of Concept?