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Okay, friends of mine have been chuckling over the past few months because I was bold enough to go out and purchase a Nokia Lumia smartphone. Everyone has been asking Why not Apple or Why not an Android? My response has been that Nokia makes GREAT hardwear and say what you will about Microsoft but their productivity software is still the defacto standard in the market.

When I contemplate the issues Nokia has been facing in recent times the question of whether they are on the path right behind Research in Motion and H-P or are they somehow going to pull out of the dive.
Finding growth in crowded competitive markets is not an easy exercise as most CEOs will tell you. Whether you are a 50 year old company with thousands of employees or if you are a one year old start-up there are two real choices..grow or die.
I have been a huge advocate that both Nokia and Microsoft’s growth mojo can be found in euphemistically known “Bottom of the Pyramid” markets. Simply said, owning platform growth in the emerging markets is a significant opportunity.
As more people in emerging markets adopt smart phone usage the number of e-commerce transactions increase. These transactions will require the use of cross border commerce technology to manage customer identification, manage shipping and delivery and finally collection of payments. Most technology platforms at present offer little in the way of ability to manage globalized transactions. They are very comfortable in their home markets with localized offerings. Their customers though are evolving and changing to transact business with those emerging markets that I mentioned earlier.
Microsoft and Nokia can own this market by owning the platform in which these transactions are managed across. Hopefully they see the same vision and will do more than just dip their toe in the waters.