Industries We Serve

Helping companies manage regulatory risk

Industries We Serve

GDC works closely with a variety of businesses to meet AML and KYC compliance requirements during customer identity verification.


GDC serves the growing cryptocurrency, FOREX, and Fintech markets with identity verification for account opening, money transfer, anti-money laundering efforts, KYC compliance, and more. 


GDC assists iGaming companies with their age and identity verification needs during their onboarding and payments stages in order to help them stay AML compliant.  


GDC has created a network of channel partners such as document verification providers, fraud prevention solutions, and risk screening solutions to ensure identities are verified and to help customers navigate the regulatory landscape. 

Start verifying your customers globally, with Global Data Consortium.

Global Data Consortium

We provide a single access point to local, high-quality reference data via our cloud-based platform for businesses that need to know the identities of their customers all over the world. 

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