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Read an article over the weekend that focused on the efforts of real estate developers in India to redevelop the slums of the major cities into a mix of luxury and affordable housing. The really intriguing aspect of this effort is that the slum dwellers that had occupied the space prior get a free unit in the new development and the impact this has on health, economic and social well-being. The even broader impact comes from the transference of these people from the underground economy to the global economy by giving them a home with an address.

In Mumbai alone there are 6.5 million people residing in slums. These people live in hard conditions and are not able to fully access things like running water or consistent electricity. By moving them into buildings that provide the basic infrastructure they can begin to consider other needs for themselves and most importantly their children. This is a crucial step towards creating a better life for the next generation and that generation will seek to access even more resources via internet enabled mobile devices that are quickly proliferating throughout India.

As the global use of internet enabled devices grows and users seek to transact for more and more resources, a crucial requirement will be that those users can easily purchase and receive items. Having a permanent defined residence is a great step on the path to enabling global logistics carriers to deliver the package to the doorstep of those 6.5 million people. Just a step on the path.