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Address Certification is a process of verifying that all the components of an address are accurate and deliverable. There are several components of address data that make this process possible, such as the correctness and the order of the address information, spacing, punctuation, and the freshness of the address information.


*No commas in the actual address

CEDEX stands for Courrier d’Entreprise à Distribution Exceptionnelle and is a special number assigned to organizations by the French Post (La Poste). In order to qualify for a CEDEX number an organization, such as a government or a public service office, must receive large volumes of mail. CEDEX mail is used primarily for businesses and delivered separately from other non-commercial mail for more efficient delivery.

SNA (Service National de l’Adresse) is known as the French Address Management Service. France’s La Poste SNA is responsible for ensuring that all address data is correct and up-to-date. The organization also sets standards for how French and European addresses should be written (information, order, punctuation, alignment, etc.). The main goal of the hundred plus expert SNA is to make communication as efficient and fast as possible. SNA corrects and updates reference address files to various direct marketing companies and other businesses.

To qualify as a valid address, France’s La Poste requires the address field order (Recipient, Building, Locality, Postal Code, Country) to start with the name of the individual or the company and end with the locality. There must be spaces between all words, consisting of no more than six lines for all French domestic mail and seven lines for international – a total of no more than 38 characters. All the information in the address block must be left justified. There should not be any punctuation on any of the lines and the last line must be printed in capital letters. When an address in known to be no longer applicable to an individual or an organization, they will be listed “No longer at this address” or updated with a new address to prevent returned mail.