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Identification in an Anonymous Industry: How eIDV Reduces User Abandonment in the Verification Process   

Within the Fintech space, Cryptocurrency companies are struggling to adopt a verification process respecting customers’ wishes for privacy and the need to comply with very specific regulations. Global Data Consortium’s electronic identity verification (eIDV) solution will allow them to do that.  

In this report, we’ll do the following:   

Profile who crypto investors are and where they live  

Explain why traditional KYC verification procedures are often too long to keep potential customers progressing through the onboarding process 

How nations are regulating KYC verification procedures  

The customer lifetime value (CLTV) impact of using eIDV versus traditional verification  

By understanding what causes investors to leave an onboarding process, fintechs can make crypto investors happy and avoid losing potential clients before they ever had a chance to do business.  

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