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Hygiene is all about process and routine. Brush your teeth, shower, shave, rinse and repeat. However, when it comes to address hygiene, many business lack a set routine or the technology that enables an effective process.

According the Census Bureau, Americans move an average of 12 times during their lives. The Bureau of Labor reports that the average worker changes jobs nearly every 2 years. This means businesses who do not regularly practice address hygiene, can quickly lose the ability to reach their customers.

By implementing an address hygiene routine as part your data quality practices, you can ensure that your list is complete, accurate and free of duplicates. Poor CRM hygiene leads to lower response rates for direct mail pieces and decreased open and click through rates for email marketing campaigns.

Address hygiene is crucial to increasing the deliverability of marketing campaigns and products. With rising postal costs, and shrinking marketing budgets it’s critical that every piece has the opportunity to drive sales.