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I was having drinks with a friend who lives/works in the western part of North Carolina. She told me the story of how people are always getting lost when coming for meeting at her office and they make the mistake of following their GPS directions. Her office is located at 3711 E US Hwy 64 Alt. Suite 4, Murphy, NC. We wont get into the fact that her USPS address has to be abbreviated to the point of almost recognizability due to field limitations (The true address is 3711 East US Highway 64 Alternate, Suite 4, Murphy, NC but that is too many characters for the USPS CASS system).


So what is the problem with her address? In Murphy, NC there is an East US Hwy 64 Business; a East US Hwy 64 By-Pass; a Old US Hwy 64 East and a East US Hwy 64. Four very different roads with very similar descriptor data. According to her, most gps systems send people four miles away from her address to the same address on East US Hwy 64. Which usually makes people late for meetings and etc when they have to turn around a backtrack to get to her once they figure out the address is wrong.

I don’t know how often this problem occurs but I suspect fairly frequently. In the state of North Carolina, Highway 64 runs from Murphy in the Western region to Manteo in the eastern reaches of the state. There are a number of small towns that may deal with the similar naming conventions and given most gps systems don’t employ smart matching technology then people have anywhere from a 2:1 to in the case of Murphy visitors a 4:1 shot at getting to the right destination.

Does anyone know why the GPS providers don’t have the intelligence in their systems to account for this?