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This is an old article from December but very relevant, “Why Did Google Buy BufferBox? Because The Entire Mail And Package Delivery System Is Broken.” It made me think about the current shortcomings and potential innovations in B2C shipping and delivery.

Imagine a world where your mail is delivered to a corner box and you receive an email or text alerting you to check your box. Imagine being an artisan or craftsman with a thriving online business and knowing that when you ship products either domestically or internationally that the delivery service can guarantee that it reaches the right person at the correct address.

Today, however, we have a postal system in a downward spiral. Mail volume and revenues are declining while the complexity of delivery is increasing. For example in the U.S., every new housing subdivision creates additional labor overhead for the USPS to deliver directly to each new address’s mailbox. Further, for every international shipment that is returned due to bad addressing the USPS eats the costs of returning that letter or parcel to the sender.

Solving these issues is possible with innovative application of technology and common sense. Mailbox awareness technology has huge promise as more and more consumers receive their mail at places other than their front doorsteps. International address verification technologies already exist and can be applied by the sender on a per transaction basis or by the USPS as part of a larger batch address process. These innovations align with the expectations of modern, connected consumers. Meeting the emerging needs of this coveted segment can offer a growth engine for savvy e-commerce marketers.

I look forward to watching this dynamic evolution with mail delivery unfold and how applied innovation and entrepreneurship save us money, time and resources while creating a better experience.