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Global Electronic Business Verification

Instantly verify the existence of organizations, partners or counterparties around the world.

Important for business accounts, trusts, and high-net-worth (HNW) accounts.

Worldview, known for providing international identity verification from worldwide, data experts will soon offer Electronic International Business Verification. Using independent reference data, you’ll be able to verify organizations, partners or counterparties regardless of the organization’s country of origin or operating structure. With GDC’s Business Verification, results include business checks, digital commerce verification, and digital threat checks.

Why KYB?


Provide Guidance

4AML Directive provides guidance on Enhanced Customer Due Diligence (eCDD) practices to further organization’s KYC Compliance regimes.

Enhanced Customer Due Diligence

eCDD provides extended/enhanced Customer Due Diligence processes for “high risk” individuals and businesses.

Identify Owners

Identifies the individuals that directly or indirectly own or control a legal entity of the firm (> 25% Ownership).

Identify Those with Legal Responsibility

Identify individuals that have the responsibility to manage or direct a legal entity customer, such as a senior manager or executive officer.

Creates Transparent Business Processes

Provides transparent business processes while providing legal and financial entities with more detailed information. 

Results Achieved with eBV

Business Checks

Using available data sources to check that the business exists and, if possible, is associated with the location elements provided.

Digital Commerce Verification

Using organization name and elements to check multiple merchant and digital reference databases (refreshed bi-weekly) to confirm the “Digital Existence” of an organization.

Digital Threat Check

Digital commerce verification produces a threat check to indicate a level of risk associated with conducting business with the organization.
Business Data Source Types Available with Global Business Verification
With GDC’s Data as a Service model, all data is stored and maintained in Russia in compliance with the local rules and regulations. The sources are independent reference data sets that are qualified for identity verification use cases, and they are reliably updated and maintained by GDC’s data partners. No personally identifiable information leaves the source databases in the process of verifying identities.

Business Registry


Government Registry


Chambers of Commerce


Digital Commerce









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