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Global Data Consortium Joins the Visa Fintech Partner Connect Program

Global Data Consortium today announced that it has joined Visa Fintech Partner Connect——a platform that links Visa clients seeking to accelerate their digital transformation with partners offering category-leading digital solutions.

By partnering with Visa, our team at GDC will be able to tap into new markets and expand our already global reach. Specifically, the Visa Fintech Partner Connect program will empower us to assist both fintechs and traditional issuers by shortening their time to market and optimizing their technology/digital first strategies.

GDC brings our identity and business verification expertise to new markets and customers. Some use cases include but are not limited to:

  • Swiftly verifying customers as they open bank accounts
  • Identifying thin-file customers for remittances or money transfer
  • Confirming prominent persons of interest and beneficial owners during vendor or supplier onboarding

As always, our local data providers find unexpected sources of identity information while maintaining KYC and AML regulatory compliance!

Want to find our VISA Partner Page? Check it out here.