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The Address Error Problem

Research shows that as many as 18% of addresses entered online contain errors. These might be spelling mistakes, incorrect house numbers, wrong postal codes, or perhaps formatting that doesn’t conform to a particular country’s postal standards. It’s a big problem for companies shipping products across borders. Address errors result in slow delivery or costly ship backs, ultimately leading to unhappy customers.

By using the best address verification services, businesses can fix their address error problems.




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Top Performing Address Verification System

We don’t see address verification as a commodity. GDC invests in innovation, building our system on “local intelligence” to make sure our clients have the most reliable global verification available.

Worldview by Global Data Consortium provides organizations a way to deploy independent reference data in a fast, low friction and affordable way to instantly verify addresses. Our best in class service partners with private, commercial, and government in-country data providers to make sure you have access to the most comprehensive, and up-to-date data available. With one call through Worldview, our customers have real-time access to the best local intelligence for addresses all over the world.

GDC customers use Worldview in two main ways:

As a Primary AVS

Businesses of all sizes use Worldview as their primary solution for verification.  When evaluated against traditional AVS’s, companies like our cloud-based model, the ease of integration into existing systems, and our flexible pricing options. But most of all they like using the most reliable source of global address verification available.

As an Enhancement to an Existing AVS

We provide the option to integrate GDC Worldview into your existing AVS using our unique stacked approach. Businesses can continue using to use their existing AVS and gets access to more reliable coverage in the countries where required. When the existing system can’t verify an address to minimum standards, the address routes to GDC Worldview to verify against our best in-country local intelligence.

Our Unique Stacked Approach

Worldview by GDC connects to multiple sources from 1,000+ local market identification experts who are all members of the Consortium. If your address doesn’t verify with the source for your initial request, our platform uses a “waterfall” approach to route the call through additional Consortium sources. This ensures you get the highest verification levels possible- and it all happens in real-time with a single API request.

Country Coverage

With 50 countries and counting, Global Data Consortium provides clients with access to data across the globe via one single point of access.

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