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Dear Friends,

Next Tuesday Global Data Consortium will release the results of a head-to-head test we performed for a Fortune 500 company. It compared GDC’s Worldview global address verification system against the company’s incumbent technology, a long-time industry leader. The test spanned three dozen countries and included over 300,000 records, none of which the client could verify or correct in its current system.

Cutting to the chase, GDC Worldview verified 48 percent of these “hardest case” addresses when the client’s incumbent technology could not. In some countries our results were as much as 90 percent higher. By any definition, this was substantial improvement.

To be frank, the outcome was no surprise to our team. We know from experience that using local intelligence for address verification beats out the traditional model of today’s mainstream options. As we built this global system we never brought in a new data source unless our internal tests demonstrated a big improvement over what you get from the current industry leaders.

GDC Worldview now has 45 distinct data sources integrated into the platform. We are the primary AVS for dozens of organizations, and we help many others get more reliable address results by stacking our technology on top of their existing systems.

The case study will post on our website next week and provide more details on the results of the head-to-head test. We are proud of what it represents, but this is no victory lap. There is more work to be done to accomplish our vision of making GDC Worldview the world’s most reliable global address verification solution.

Stay tuned!


Bill Spruill
Co-Founder and President