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This week we announce a new partner in the consortium, a Krakow-based business that prides itself on bringing an engineering mindset to the work of building Poland‘s premier address intelligence service.

Building this consortium is anything but a generic plug-and-play process. Whenever possible I meet personally with the management team of our partners, going to their offices, seeing their operations, introducing myself to their people. I want to show them we’re committed to this model of creating the world’s most reliable Address Intelligence solution. I want them to know that relationships will make this work.

And so last week I spent two days in Krakow with this new partner, sharing with them the results of tests we’ve run on their data, and celebrating the successful integration into the GDC Worldview platform. I had dinner with their president on Wednesday, and we talked late into the night about the opportunity Poland – his homeland – represents for cross-border eCommerce.

The Address Intelligence Stack

Before getting into that, however, let me talk a bit about what we’ve begun calling the “Address Intelligence Stack.”

Through conversations with GDC customers and erstwhile competitors, we’ve come to recognize the power of using our consortium of best, local providers of address validation to create a “stacked” approach to address intelligence services. We’ve long offered a “generic global AVS” option as part of the GDC service, taking advantage of its broad reach to make sure we could offer our clients some level of service in all countries. In countries where the generic solution offers poor service, we created the ability to route address verification calls to best, in-country alternatives. Creating a verification stack that looks like this:


We’ve decided to start offering this stack approach to companies that have already invested in a generic global AVS system but are looking to create “lift” in countries where their system is weak. That’s where we plug-in our consortium partners. When an address can’t be verified to the client’s business requirements, the system automatically routes it to Worldview for processing through our best, local providers, ensuring the most reliable results possible.

We’ll spend more time talking about the Address Intelligence Stack in the weeks to come.

The Poland Opportunity

Back to Poland. As our new consortium partner pointed out to me, Poland is often overlooked in context of the larger EU market. Despite the fact that it’s Europe’s sixth largest economy, that its people buy over EUR 6.2 billion in eCommerce goods (much of which is cross-border purchasing), and that it’s growing faster than 20 percent per year…it’s still not viewed as a market where the international eCommerce platforms invest to optimize the Polish shopping experience.

Too often they lop it into the same development category as, say, Germany and don’t integrate a Poland-specific address verification system.

That’s a mistake. Poland has its own, unique postal customs. The alphabet has its own diacritics that Polish consumers expect to see when receiving a parcel addressed to them. And Poland has its own address formats that affect how quickly packages are delivered and whether they go to the right place.

It’s time to value the Polish market for what it is (big and growing bigger!) and invest in it appropriately.

About Our Polish Partner

That’s why we’re glad to include our new Polish partner to the consortium, rounding out our list of best in-country European data sources that account for the unique needs of each country; that recognize that one-size does not fit all when it comes to the continent.

This partner has spent more than 15 years developing an address intelligence system for Poland. Along with postal information, they source data from private organizations, open source databases, and government registries. They even have an arrangement with their eCommerce clients that allows them to automatically add new information to their master file if a shopper enters an address the partner was not previously aware of. This is one of the hallmarks of local data sources…they are quick to update their data, making sure it’s as current and complete as possible.

Finally – and I’ll say this based on personal experience with the company’s management team – this partner is proud of the data they provide. They see themselves as offering a valuable service to their clients in eCommerce, telecommunications and financial services. And they bring to their jobs an engineering mindset…the idea that precision counts. All these things make them a valuable addition to GDC’s Worldview platform.

So, we welcome our new Polish partner into the Global Data Consortium. We’re excited to open up access to Poland for Worldview customers. And if you’re looking for help in Poland, or any other country in our global platform, give us a call. We’d love to help expand your Worldview.