Electronic Identity Verification in New Zealand

An Emerging Market
  • GDC covers over 90% of the addressable New Zealand adult population. 90%
With New Zealand’s 2%+ annual ecommerce growth rate, along with being the 53-largest national economy, the digital business opportunity is expanding.  Be ready to identify over 90% of the population for your business with GDC.
Although, what some might call a small economy compared to others on the international scale, the economy of New Zealand is steady, stable and resilient.  They are also a driver in the ecommerce space. According to Nielsen, the amount spent by New Zealanders on overseas websites is estimated at $1.6 billion. Two-thirds of online shoppers (66%) have made a purchase from an overseas website in the last three months, up from 61% in 2014. More than 60% of those people say that they could not find the items available on a New Zealand retail site. New Zealanders shop from everything from travel (airline travel, transportation and lodging) and apparel to event tickets, music, consumer electronics, games and consoles, sports equipment, flowers, insurance, home appliances and alcohol. New Zealand has further committed to international e-commerce by recently collaborating with international partners, such as Canada, to cooperate on cross-border matters. However, New Zealanders’ credit mentality is interesting as many people have credit card debt. According to a recent study, people found it easier to leave their credit card debt where it was rather than going through the process of applying for a loan to cut the interest rate, or approaching another bank to transfer the balance. With New Zealand’s approach to banking and credit combined with evolving data privacy and protection regulations often make it both difficult and increasingly necessary to provide electronic identity verification. Our data providers cover approximately 90% of the adult population with the follow elements: First Name, Surname, DOB, Address, Phone Number, and DIA Number.

Verifiable Data Elements in New Zealand






Date of Birth


National ID

Data Sources Available for New Zealand Identity Verification
With GDC’s Data as a Service model, all data is stored and maintained in New Zealand in compliance with the local rules and regulations. The sources are independent reference data sets that are qualified for identity verification use cases, and they are reliably updated and maintained by GDC’s data partners. No personally identifiable information leaves the source databases in the process of verifying identities.

How Global Data Consortium Works

The GDC global identity verification platform integrates the best available data and verification intelligence curated from our dozens of in-country partners. Each partner maintains identity verification solutions in their home country, helping in-country clients solve a variety of business problems. They deliver the most reliable identity verification results because they speak the language, understand the regulatory environment, and offer local expertise. Before joining the consortium, partners are required to go through a thorough vetting process, and their data must pass rigorous testing before it is released to GDC customers. But once they qualify to participate, they are our true partners and a big part of the GDC difference.

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