Electronic Identity Verification in Denmark

World’s #1 Highest Personal Tax Rate
  • GDC covers over 98% of the addressable Danish adult population. 98%
Denmark may have the world’s highest personal tax rate, but it remains one of the most livable countries and best for businesses.
The World Bank ranked it third in its annual ease of doing business report, and Bloomberg lists it as the world’s ninth most innovative country. This helps keep the economy strong and attracts entrepreneurs eager to launch new ventures. Denmark’s Act on Processing of Personal Data governs how businesses can collect, store and use information about Danish citizens. Personal data can only be collected with the explicit consent of the individual. The Danish Data Protection Agency is responsible for enforcing all privacy laws and regulations. GDC covers over 98 percent of Denmark’s adult population for instant electronic identity verification. We work directly with in-country Danish partners to provide access to government, commercial and consumer sources. Each complies fully with Danish and EU law.

Verifiable Data Elements in Denmark








National ID

Data Sources Available for Danish Identity Verification
With GDC’s Data as a Service model, all data is stored and maintained in Denmark in compliance with its Act on the Processing of Personal Data and the EU Data Protection Directive. The sources are independent reference data sets that are qualified for identity verification use cases, and they are reliably updated and maintained by GDC’s data partners. No personally identifiable information leaves the source databases in the process of verifying identities.

How Global Data Consortium Works

The GDC global identity verification platform integrates the best available data and verification intelligence curated from our dozens of in-country partners. Each partner maintains identity verification solutions in their home country, helping in-country clients solve a variety of business problems. They deliver the most reliable identity verification results because they speak the language, understand the regulatory environment, and offer local expertise. Before joining the consortium, partners are required to go through a thorough vetting process, and their data must pass rigorous testing before it is released to GDC customers. But once they qualify to participate, they are our true partners and a big part of the GDC difference.

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