Lifetime Value Calculator

Add GDC to Your Onboarding Workflow and Unlock Missed Users and Revenue

Try our eIDV Lifetime Value Analysis Calculator

Use our calculator below to see how adding GDC to your current onboarding waterfall can help you unlock missed revenue. We typically provide a 5 to 25% lift on top of current match rates. Add your current data to the calculator to see how much CLTV we can help you unlock by onboarding more users.

Our match rate lift, superior uptime, easy integration, and flexibility to scale quickly to additional markets without further technical work make us a great partner for any business in the FinTech, Payments, and Cryptocurrency space.

The GDC team will work with you to create custom match rules across countries and products to help you obtain better match rates in multiple countries, quickly. GDC enables you to onboard more verified users using the same systems you currently utilize.

Start a Proof of Concept today and see how our match rates can help you onboard and verify more customers.