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Your Guide to the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive 

As money laundering and terrorist financing continue to threaten global security, the EU continues to fight back in order to preserve the integrity of the financial ecosystem. Their most recent legislation, The 5th Money Laundering Directive (5MLD) was implemented in...

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The Intelligent Name Translation Engine for Chinese

  A Little Bit of Background  One of the best things about our world is the diversity. We see it everywhere – in clothing, customs, and even in our names. If we drill down a little deeper, we can see that these differences even exist in how we structure and write our...

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Digital On-boarding and Online Dating 

Digitally on-boarding customers successfully has been a growing challenge facing modern companies, and social distancing has made getting this process right more important than ever. As companies are prohibited or restricted from dealing with their customers...

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Creating a Shared Vision: The Power of Localized Data

The market for global electronic Identity Verification (eIDV) is already large and growing rapidly. From financial institutions who need to on board international customers to e-commerce marketplaces driving down fraud by verifying the identity of sellers on their...

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“The Perfect Storm” in Digital Identity Verification

For more information about how GDC can help you, visit: As the Covid-19 Shutdown makes manual KYC more difficult, automated solutions like the Worldview platform can handle the surge and aren’t impacted by the...

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