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A Guide for Financial Institutions: Augmenting AML With eIDV    

Thanks to developments in modern technology, it has never been easier to move money around the globe. As a result, it has also never been more difficult to combat money laundering, which is currently happening at a near unprecedented scale. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime estimates that as much as $2 trillion is laundered globally each year. This represents 5% of the global GDP.  

Money laundering is conducted by the largest criminal organizations in the world, people who engage in Illegal arms sales, smuggling, drug, and human trafficking, embezzlement, terrorism, and other large-scale illegal activities that result in huge, ill-gotten profits. These criminals are experts at what they do, which is why financial institutions need to become experts at how to detect and stop money laundering in its tracks. 

Download our guide and learn how Global Data Consortium’s Worldview platform can assist financial institutions in protecting themselves from money laundering bad actors both now and in the future as well.