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I recently read and listened to an interview from Jack Ma (see below) that made it clear to me that he as a vision for Alibaba that goes well beyond simply enabling business to business or business to consumer trade in China. He intends to take on both the established e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Rakuten and eBay and also the brick and mortar players such as Wal-Mart.

Mr. Ma is pushing initiatives that will initially introduce US vendors to Chinese buyers of food products such as cherries, nuts and seafood. As his company learns from this experiment I expect that he will expand into other items to feed the Chinese consumers demands for products and services. In addition to US products, Ma also states his interest in bringing Russia to China, and Brazil to China, among others.

To enable and enhance these activities Alibaba has built an internal distribution logistics network and acquired mapping and location based services providers in China, thus locking up the best Delivery data information. Recently the company introduced a cross border Payment system that manages currency and disparate payment systems. This point of differentiation is a huge moat for those vendors who solely rely on the classic payment vehicles of Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Paypal.

Each of these moves makes the Alibaba platform a strong platform for vendors seeking entry into China commerce, to onboard, learn and transact. Further, Alibaba then learns more and more about the products and customers to figure out how to better enhance the services it provides to the market.

If you are an e-commerce vendor and you are not selling in China yet, consider the options and the opportunity. Using the GDC Worldview platform you can Validate a delivery address in China and over 200 other countries. Additionally you can Verify the Identity of a buyer before you ship product, thus reducing the risk of fraud. Improve Delivery, Reduce Fraud, Drive Revenue in Global Commerce. That is what we help you do at GDC.

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