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Worldview KYC Identity Verification

Identity Verification Check

Electronic identity verification (eIDV) uses personal information such as name, date of birth, or national ID from various data sources to quickly confirm if an individual is who they claim to be. These verification attempts can result in a match, nonmatch, or partial match.  


  •    AML Compliance Check
  •    PEP/Watchlist/Sanction
  •    Intelligent Name Translation Engine (INTE)   
  •    One single API

Advantages of Worldview

  •    Data cleansing throughout our process 
  •     Wide array of options for checks 
  •    Flexible rules and scoring capabilities
  •    Multiple providers as a part of a comprehensive solution

Your One-Stop Identity Verification Resource

Get connected to over 200 data sources in over 58 countries

Worldview puts instant identity verification at your fingertips to prevent fraud and theftOur platform allows your organization to utilize identity data from multiple countries through a single API without risking Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) noncompliance. 

Our Unique Stacked Approach

No match after the first request? No problem. Our waterfall approach routes your request through each available source until an identity match is achieved.  

We Provide Real-Time Updates

Without Worldview, millions of identities would live in disparate, difficult systems. We work hard to bring expert identity verification resources from all over the world in one easily accessible, frequently updated cloud-based platform. 

Ways to Verify Data Through Worldview:


API Integration

Use our API to integrate Worldview directly into your systems. Most useful for processing data frequently and in high volumes.


Batch Processing

Process data files in batch mode with our spreadsheet templates. Most useful for service bureaus or verification.


Manual Customer Access Portal

Process identity data one record at a time with our web-based tool. Most useful for exception research or customer service support in large mailing operations.

With Worldview, Verification Data is:


Consistently updated

Data provided from the Consortium members is frequently refreshed, providing the most up-to-date data available.



By partnering with experts who are local to the data they’re providing, verification services are top-notch and relevant


Country Specific

The Consortium brings in 1,000s of data providers located all over the world. Our Mexican data comes from Mexico, not Russia.

Start verifying your customers globally, with Global Data Consortium.

Global Data Consortium

We provide a single access point to local, high-quality reference data via our cloud-based platform for businesses that need to know the identities of their customers all over the world. 

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