Unmatched Industry Expertise providing instant identity verification globally

Know Your Customer

Enhance your Identity Verification through one API enabling you to leverage in-country data providers to match elements like name, date of birth, or address against a wide range of verified, compliant sources worldwide. Onboard more customers easily and effectively.

Business Verification

GDC’s Business Verification provides AML compliance and fraud protection to your merchant and supplier onboarding process. Using official government and other reputable business data sources, you can be sure that entity exists and is actively trading, before you work with them.


Worldview puts instant identity verification at your fingertips. Our platform allows your organisation to utilise identity data from multiple countries through a single API and meet global Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance standards.

  • Over 300 data sources in over 40 countries
  • AML Compliance Check
  • PEP/Watchlist/Sanctions
  • Intelligent Name Translation Engine (INTE)
  • Single API
  • No Stored PII