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Unlock Missed CLTV and Users Using GDC’s eIDV Solution

Adding onboarding time to meet compliance requirements can skyrocket user drop-off rates by up to 200%. However, cutting back on compliance steps could risk AML/KYC non-compliance. Finding a happy medium between optimized user completion rates and compliance means finding the right verification method. 

See how a GDC customer unlocked over $1.9M in monthly CLTV in a single market.

Winning the Financial Services Onboarding Battle by Repositioning eIDV ROI

You might be losing value money to an inefficient onboarding funnel.

While account opening has traditionally been the final hoop that individuals had to jump through in order to become a customer, the onboarding process has transformed into the last mile of a customer acquisition funnel and financial institutions can no longer assume that individuals will see it through.

Investing in technologies such as electronic identity verification (eIDV) can eliminate unnecessary friction and help financial institutions land the customer. In fact, a dollar spent on onboarding with eIDV is worth $412 in Customer Lifetime Value. 

Global Data Consortium

Streamline your identity verification operations with our Worldview platform to unlock local, high-quality, authoritative data while complying with global KYC and AML regulations.  

Top 100 Influencer in Identity

Bill Spruill, co-founder of GDC was named one of the Top 100 Influences in Identity by One World Identity. Armed with 25 years of industry experience, the members of the founding team are experts in the field and frequently travel the world sharing their knowledge at industry events 


Industries We Serve

As each industry experiences their own form of digitization, GDC works to keep it secure.  With one point of access, global compliance, customizability, and depth of coverage, GDC simplifies and streamlines your verification operations into one state of the art solution. 










Your One-Stop Identity Verification Resource

Companies benefit when they know customers’ true identities prior to doing business with them, and customers benefit as well. In many industries, knowing your customer isn‘t just a best practice, it’s a regulatory requirement. 

These everchanging data privacy and identity verification regulations shouldn’t make your life harder.  Instantly verify identities from around the world with minimal friction and cost when you use GDC’s authoritative, real-time data. 





Know your customer before engaging in a transaction. 




Verify customer name, address, and phone number with ease.  





Resolve age restrictions by verifying age before providing service.

Country Coverage

How It Works

We leverage our partnerships with multiple in-country data providers to deliver easily accessible, in-depth country coverage.


Data Providers

Our Consortium brings the world’s best sources together for global electronic identity verification. 



Technology Platform

Our cloud-based technology allows for real-time access to our frequently updated, reliable data sources. 



Data as a Service, at Your Service 

Worldview puts instant identity verification at your fingertips. Get identity data from multiple countries through a single API without risking Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) noncompliance.  




Local Intelligence

Reliable results from local experts  




Single Access Point

Multi-country data, easy access 





Configure according to your business rules 




Live Identity Data

Real-time updates


Best In-Country Partners

Strategically selected data partners 




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Global Data Consortium

We provide a single access point to local, high-quality reference data via our cloud-based platform for businesses that need to know the identities of their customers all over the world. 

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